When I Write

I have the power to feel, to see and know the distance
That others tend not to observe. I can feel the lack of substance.
They all emitted different colors from shades of blue, purple
and teal. It came along with that power of feel.
When I was younger others did not believe,
Did not remember
Did not understand. 
Large crowds full of emotional people tend to overwhelm me
And when I saw over the crowd I tended to look further.
I could feel the power in your voice when you were passionate about 
I could feel the fright in your eyes when you knew where the conversation
Was heading.
I would feel the bricks build as you started to get interested. 
I could feel the tips of my finger tapping each other as more than 
One started to speak. 
There were lots of them, the ones that had so many worries that 
Latched onto my words.

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