The Breakfast That Will Save You

The Breakfast That Will Save You Time, Money, and Health

We have all had THAT morning. The one where you slept in a little too much, stay up a little too late, and didn’t eat enough the day before so you wake up starving. It’s hard to even hold a pan let alone make yourself some quick eggs. You think about going through a drive through but that is cash leaving your wallet as well as feeding your body food that will make you feel lethargic during the day. So, why not have something in your fridge that will keep you happy, healthy and save you a few dollars? I am talking about overnight oats and I am going to tell you how to make it.
Start off with a mason jar. Mason jars will keep it cold during the day and it has a closable lid so nothing will spill. Also it looks nicer than just a plastic container. Add one half cup of oats and a tablespoon of cinnamon to the mason jar. This will be your base for the overnight oats. Next you want to add a cup and a half of almond milk. You could also use water but almond milk makes it taste better to me. Close the lid and shape it up so that the cinnamon covers the oats.
Next you want to finely cut up one apple and one banana. Make sure you cut them up small so that they cover up the whole mason jar. Place all of your fruit in the mason jar. You could also try other fruit like berries or strawberries but apples and bananas are my favorite. Next you want to add some extra topping that overall just makes it taste better. A few of my favorite topping are assorted nuts, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flax seeds, or even some agave nectar.
Finally you just want to put the lid on the jar and place it in your fridge overnight. Your oats will soak up the almond milk and will make the oats easier to digest. Also since oats are carbs they will keep you fuller and more energized throughout the day. You could warm up the oats in the mason jar or even keep them cold for the day. Overnight oats range anywhere from three to five dollars depending on what toppings you put on it. It also have under 700 calories and has so many antioxidants in them. They are also different from other breakfasts because you can customize them to your liking with different fruits, spices, and toppings. I sometimes switch mine up by putting in peanut butter and strawberries to make it more like a peanut butter and jelly oat bowl. This meal is also great for traveling in the car because you know you are going to be full for a long time and you know that it is not going to spill. As a college student, sometimes I am on campus for hours at a time and I am not sure when my next meal at home is going to be. In between classes I will usually go to the café and microwave this so that I can have something in between my busy schedule. Not to mention, like I said this is very healthy and cheap. This meal is also vegan so for all the people that are changing your lifestyle to Veganism, this is a great way to switch up your breakfast. This is the perfect breakfast for college students, children, or even adults looking to have as much sleep the night before as possible.
Ingredients that I use:
Whole grain oats
Unsalted Almonds
Honey crisp Apple
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Cacao Powder





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