My Mothers Golden Sun

I was rumbling through my mother’s drawers that had been filled with old jewelry. Broken, new, old, and even some that had some memories to them. My mom always said that someday it would belong to me so I needed to help my dad pick out jewelry that I liked as well. She was very comedic. She had an odd way of holding her jewelry, some were in old thank you card boxes and some were in the original boxes they came with. Plastic bags for some that were broken that she soon wanted to repair but never seemed to get around to it. It all had a place and its place was hers. I opened the top drawer of her dresser and started to twirl my fingers around old gold chains and rings that didn’t fit on my index and pinky fingers. I liked it all, maybe it didn’t fit my certain characteristics but it all seemed special at some point in time to my mom so it felt special to me.


I peeked through a few old zip lock bags to find a black case. It was very small and was concealed by a silver zipper that was ripping at the edge. I held the petite case with my left hand and swayed it over to my right to find out what pieces of jewelry were kept hidden inside. It was cluttered, a lot of the necklaces had been tangled up and there was a pretty bracelet that I knew was too small for my wrist. I then saw something that was hidden under the tangles necklaces. It was a gold sun that was smaller than a penny and bigger than a button. For some reason I enjoyed its presence, I had always liked suns. It had no chain but within the tangled necklaces I found a gold chain that would match it perfectly. I strung the sun through the gold chain and clipped it around my neck. My mother saw and said that it was very special. She stated that when she was younger her mother and my grandma Rose had given her a gold sun that she wore every day. When she was first with my dad she had gone to the beach with this necklace on and ended up losing it in the sand. My mother was so sad that she had lost something so special, something that had so much meaning to her. My dad ended up getting her a new gold sun, one that had placed even more meaning around her neck. I told her that I would put it back and she said to keep it and keep it close so that I would never again lose her golden sun.




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