How does one write a song?

How does one write a song? Google was no help. It stated things like start with writing the melody, think of things that make you happy, sad, and every other simple emotion you could think of off the top of your head. Knowing of what to put in the song is not the conflict at hand. I have had enough experiences to understand what song lyrics can mean and cannot mean. I could think of that one night,

              Where you stared at me more than often,

              With blankets left steady.

              With your hands laying more soften,

              And every word made me more and more unready.

But all of that seemed slightly more passionate than I would ever be. No, no I am much too much of a stubborn individual to write like that. I could write about the night I found out more.

              Once again another stone just like me was dropped,

              With worry in my voice I said what I needed to even when I felt a slight choke.

              But every time you stated another excuse I stopped,

              Only to remember the last stone you dropped broke.

It seemed like most songs were like that. About a person or a presence. I could write about the others I saw around this presence.

              She was standing in the doorway,

              Trying to think of a way to say hi.

              Rudeness was all she could say,

              And as she walked up the stairs I heard an insecure bye.

No, no I had no need to bash the others. I am sure they are wonderful people. I could write about how I would walk to the ends of the earth.

              There is something about you,

              It’s like the taste of copper.

              But like the taste of candy too.

              A taste that kept me coming back for copper.

But why would I want to admit that? It was easier to stick to my pages the way they stuck to me. One by one to never flee.



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