Breathing Differently

Last night I stayed awake in a daze,

It was silent but my slightly awake dreams were still running like I was at the theater watching my own thoughts.

It was a dead silent maze through my own brain waves. I was alone and walking small.

Once and a while I would hear a voice and find no comfort, no stillness, and no matter in it.

I soon found myself on a hill after my maze. It was a hill emotions as I went up and down, up and down.

It was so dark……

There was no light to be seen for miles or at least I couldn’t see it.

My mind kept hitting the dials that were made to make a call but I could never find the right numbers.

It was like when I couldn’t find the right words except for after the conversation.

It was so frustrating……

Last night I stay awake in a daze,

It was so silent and my hand and feet were so cold.

I found myself in a different body, a smaller throat, and a larger breath needed.

I could touch my cold hands but felt nothing, I could breath but not air, I could think  but not correctly.

It was so scary……

I started to recall times that were warmer, when I had a larger voice, and when I didn’t think the way I did now.

Sometimes time was long and sometimes it would come rapidly.

However, it could always find the right numbers to call at time when it was dark, which is why

I may never rest.







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