Foolish and Foul

I felt like there were emotions being shoved into my head and words being placed into my mouth. All I could do was sit and be still. Maybe if I didn’t flinch or speak the conversation would be over. They weren’t even worthy of the words that would fall from my mouth because all their words did was fall and shatter. People don’t like to listen to actually listen, they listen to respond. There is never a genuine conversation between two equals. It is always businessmen speaking to business women. All it is is lines and demands. Words that bounce from one another to make someone feel slightly less worthy. So I sat. I let someone to speak to me as the idea of them stomping over my mouth appear in their mind. I spiraled the ring that surrounded my ring finger. I tended to do that when too many emotions attacked me. I shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t let people speak to me in such a way but when words cross the path of my mouth to another’s ear I tend to look foolish and foul. Maybe because I speak the truth. I tend to say what others don’t want to hear but what they need to hear.




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