Consequences of Souls

It tended to follow me at a close distance.
Keeping track of my slight movements.
I wasn't afraid of it,
I wasn't worried about it,
Skeptical was the word for it.
No matter how many times I only saw two souls there was always another presence 
close by.
One that made me wonder if I was alone,
One that wasn't physical,
One that mentally made my brain a bit grey......
It was one that made my mouth dry and my eyes damp.
                You make me very happy.
                Just two more minutes.
                You make me happy.
                Okay, have fun.
How many more times will my ears be blessed with these phrases until they fall into 
a slight memory?
It tended to remind me of past souls that made me skeptical as well.
That made me wonder.
That made me try and remember a time from before.
It tended to focus on the consequences that these souls carried.
It tended to blur out the moments that were pure and made emotions flutter.
Mainly, it made me wonder about what was next?
Was it just another soul walking through the door or me standing in a 

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