Let’s Perform Magic

I remember. I remember when I first felt it. My bones went numb even though I didn’t know they could do that, my palms were steaming, my palms were steaming, and my eyes felt a slight sting from them having to hold back something that only comes ever so often.

They only come around so often…

Well that was an odd experience. I didn’t understand any statements that were being spilled through their teeth because they were bringing up words that were not very familiar in my vocabulary. Words that I could only hear at a slow and steady rate. Words that meant some sort of connection that I had only seen from a distance.  The words that fell from their mouth were ones that they did not mean so I had to pry the words real meaning from an un-wanting tongue. I don’t reckon these words meant to fall in the first place but it was too late for that.

Screenshot (6)

I reckon a lot of things…

I reckon that I have trained my brain to detour all of my emotions at a flip of a hat. Isn’t that a special trick? It’s all one big magic trick. I could constantly convince myself that everything was magic, that nothing was real, but what’s the point of living if nothing is real? People seem to think life is very simplistic if you perform less tricks but everyone will still try and entertain.

You find yourself in a puff of magic smoke only to disappear to make the crowd rise…..

You will find yourself listening to The Weekend on the weekend next to a person that has the idea of staying for long but the only thing that is long is the everlasting thought of when they are going to leave. I wonder how many more dots I see before I get to a final point? Magic is seen through wonder and mystery. That’s what makes it so interesting to a crowd. You never know what someone’s next step is.

Wondering is good and bad for the soul…..

There’s those dots again.


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