Try not to worry about it. This is the phrase that I try and comprehend when something goes astray in a constant cycle. Try not to think about it. This is the phrase I try and comprehend when I hear something that scratches against my fragile ear drums. Try to remember a better-different-happier time. This is what you and I both try and do every goddamn days of our lives. Here is my perspective in this moment in time. This moment where I am in a coffee shop watching people hurry past me and past their lives to get their caffeinated coffee while I am drinking nothing and writing in a beat up notebook. I am done trying all of this. I am done being a guinea pig n my own life. Stop testing and examining the small things because in the long run these tiny details will not matter to your overall plan of life. Roll up all of your options like a sushi roll and finish every bite because no option is a small one. You may be young but don’t let that be the reason be your deciding factor. Don’t let people tell you you can’t have those options and opinions just because the years haven’t been kind to you. Don’t let your glass structure crack because of one mistake. Glass isn’t meant to crack but to try and keep it’s truest and purest form. This is the glass that you choose to either be half full or half empty. The water won’t spill if you don’t let it and you won’t crack if you don’t let yourself. So remember the days where you tried and tried again and remember that you will not let yourself be the cracked glass beneath your feet.



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