For Her

In a perspective of another…..

It was very difficult for her to be content with sitting in one place. She could be moving her hands continuously and not even realize it. She could be not looking forward because her head is racing at a million miles and minute and she can’t close her eyes so she keeps them moving to try and tire them out. Non the less she tried to keep her thoughts simple and tried to make her voice as steady as possible. Like I said, this was difficult for her. She tended to think that people were talking about her and also tended to think that people had nothing to say to her. She knew this was only a game that she could not win so she stayed still and thought about other things. Other things like the time she drove with her best friend to a forest only to walk a path that they had to make themselves. A path like she has to make in her head. A path that was not meant to be there but to figure things out she has to swipe and skip to get to a conclusion. To get to a final answer that makes sense to her jumbled thoughts. She would write things down at three in the morning so that she could remember to do it the next morning. She also wouldn’t write down some things wishing and hoping to forget them soon enough. She knew she would never forget them however. She tried o find her best way of functioning. This could take hours of just sitting and trying to figure out what her opinion was on something. This could also only take a quick and sharp movement to the right. A movement that got her out of a situation she didn’t want to be in. Her main objective in life was just to find a way to function for others and for her.


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