Message Read

Message sent: Hi
Message Read 1:02 AM               Typing........
Message Sent: Hello        
Message Read: 1:05 AM              Typing........
Message Sent: I just wanted to state something. You may already know this. You 
probably do, or maybe you don't and I am just over thinking it as I always do. You
were always a difficult person to read. I have always enjoyed that aspect of you 
for some odd reason. Like when you would raise your eyebrows only on questions that
you wanted to know the answer to and they would stay steady when you didn't want to 
know the answers to other questions. I am loosing the words that I intended to say
to you. I feel like I have lost something that was so simple. Maybe you feel this 
way as well or maybe not, like I said, difficult person to read. It was something
that made me content, consumed, and confident with who I chose to surround myself 
with. I hope you understand my words as we are both very much alike which usually
made difficult things to understand very simplistic. Simplistic like the time we 
drove in the car and repeated songs we both enjoyed so much. Songs that made the 
cold breeze very comforting and warm. Songs that made our cracking voices much 
smoother. I am loosing my train of thought again. My head tends to go off the tracks
when typing something that I feel so passionate about. It's very uncomfortable that
I have lost something that makes it hard to speak in person anymore. Sure, the 
occasional "Hi" text rolls around but that's only when we are reminded by a sound,
image, or feeling. There tends to be a wave here and there and a soft hello on
the pavement but does that mean that it's working? Not really working but it's 
getting by without confrontation. Confrontation that you tended to sprint away from.
For now you are just the painting that I have waited to see but of course I can
only look and not get too close. So, this is more of a goodbye text than a hello.
Message Read 1:14 AM

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