Do You Trust Me?

Your perception of someone is vital to figuring out who you are going to surround 
yourself with. Someone once told me before that nine out of ten people are posers.
At first I found this idea very negative and idiotic. Then I went through my every
day life and I soon had the harsh truth slap me in the face. Life is full of posers.
The speaker was correct. How a human being exposes their characteristics can make
you hungry for the presence of someone, feeding off of what they are about. However,
it can also make you run away in fear. Flaws weren't created to make you dislike 
someone but to help you understand that humans weren't made to function perfectly.
Function properly, some don't even function at all. Most humans aren't proper anyway.
Humans tend to latch onto the ways others react and this makes them change form 
into something they were actually not created as. Humans tend to treat the word, 
"trust" as a way of liking someone. But just because you crave someone's presence 
does not mean that you should trust them. It's alright to be guarded. Feeling most
comfortable in a personal stone castle with an ungodly amount of guards protecting
your identity, characteristics, and the fragile boxes we call emotions. It's alright
to answer with a sharp "No" when someone questions if you trust them. Humans are 
full of good and bad emotions but for some reason I'll never understand the bad tend
to pop up at inconvenient times. Life is slightly inconvenient just like the 
question, "Do you trust me"? The best you can do is try to see the posers for who 
they really are.

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