Such Beautiful Creations

Such beautiful creations. No. I am not speaking of you or me. That would sound 
pretentious and slightly dramatic in a way. I am speaking of the paltry details in 
life. I am speaking of the way someone can whistle. Changing the drumming and the 
tones of their beats. It carries from their lips to the air. The way ones lips move 
when they speaks of words you don't recall in life. The way someone can speak of 
their own opinions. Opinions that may change over time due to someone's understanding
of what the difference is between right and wrong. Such beautiful creations. I am 
speaking of the way ones head feels rested upon another's. The way one of those heads
can speak of the other in such high standards. I am speaking of a simple hand. How 
it can reveals so much about a human. How many runs and wrinkles it has indented on
it's once soft skin. I am speaking of those indents we do to ourselves. How we long
for a needle to tap our skin over and over so it can indent a meaning on our bodies.
A meaning that can separate our skin from another's. Such beautiful creations. I am
speaking of the way one can learn to love and hate something. This may be an object
or another human being. Such firm feelings that we need to express through our 
lives but we end up passing these feelings like tiny pieces of candy on a spooky 
holiday. The way we can pass someone who once had such a immense impact on our life
but now they are just someone we pass with no words spoken. Such beautiful, longing
and horrible creations.

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