Finding Murder

From A Perspective Of Another...........
He tended to murder the concept of a conversation. Just the idea of words
being transferred back and forth terrified his over whelming mind. His lips
had a, return to sender, type problem. He tended to escape the idea of a 
conversation and found it easier to sprint away from the starting line. Until he
soon found out that there is no finish line and he was constantly sprinting. He 
gets sore, tired, and still thinks that it is more simplistic to just sprint away
from the confrontation of another's emotions. He tempted to touch the tender types
of emotions of others. However, he found it tedious. He found himself wanting 
someone else to make decisions about himself. The main reason for this was
because decisions sometimes turned into negative emotions that he did not want to 
come in contact with. He effaced any temptations of moving father then one mile from
his own concepts and ideas. After all he was always right. Until someone proved him 
wrong. But he states that he is never wrong, his ideas were just louder than others.
Cacophony arose from his brain cells until they escaped out of his lungs. They 
usually were presented into other peoples faces or were scribbled down on a napkin 
in a local dinner were he sat alone sipping on black coffee that he never liked the
taste of. He found himself pushing away real friends and letting in not fake ones but
non existing ones. He found himself loosing the once whimsical thoughts because he
was in such a negative atmosphere that he kept placing himself in. He found himself
not filtering his words and loosening his head to keep the rambles from happening. He
had found himself. The problem was that he did not like what he found.

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