C Was Never The Right Answer

From a Perspective of Another,
I know it has been awhile and I am probably not worthy of your voice,
your thoughts, or any relocation of the past. The best way of what I am trying
to explain to you is that understanding the concept of the past is very difficult 
for me as well as you. You see most humans when they don't know the answer on a 
multiple choice test they choose the answer C. They do this because C is reliable. 
It isn't sketchy like B, it isn't obvious like A, and it isn't dead last like D.
C was always there for you and me being B was always a little sketchy. There is a 
problem with C however. It may be stable, devoted, and sincere but it is also very
I say this because you start to get into a rhythm with C. You keep choosing it over
others because you don't know the answer over and over again. You find yourself in 
a straight line with possible correct answers. Then you get your test back and 
SURPRISE, C was faithful before but it turns out that you have been bamboozled with
wrong answers and wrong choices. Then you think that even though B may have been 
sketchy it was also dangerous, impressive, and exhilarant. B was the gut feeling 
when you were taking the test. The one that yelled at you because it was correct
but you were unsure and chose C instead. Only to leave B with a smirk on it's face
because they knew you were misguided. 
The next test comes along. You were prepared, thought you knew what you were doing,
and made the assumption that you would pass with flying colors. But yet again you 
ended with a straight line of C. So, the point is to remember that C may be candid
but don't let it hold you back and leave B with a smirk on it's face.

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