The Chameleons In The Mirror

In the perspective of another.......
She believed it was very momentous to understand who you are as a person.
Characteristics, Beliefs, and how you react to the environment you are positioned
Recently someone presented her with an objective. One that seemed manageable. However
sometimes the most simplistic things in life are actually the densest. 
The task was to place yourself in front of a mirror. Glue your feet to the ground so
that only your mind could wander ambitiously and ask yourself three questions. Three
questions that you compose about yourself. After all everyone likes to talk about 
themselves. She found herself dumbfounded as she stared at the emotions in her face. Or
the ones that weren't there. Everyone likes to talk but when you aren't able to chew
on words and you just have to stare and let your mind amble it's difficult to listen.
Who was she as an individual? What was her strengths? Her weaknesses? How would she
make and impact in such a imperative world? Impacting others, others who aren't going
to know who they are until their pruning age. Going through their lives as a chameleon.
Changing their shape, likes, dislikes, all to form to what other chameleons like. 
She pondered the question of why is was so time consuming to listen to herself? It 
was a vexatious atmosphere as she stared at herself in the mirror that so many 
chameleons had started into as well. 
She asked herself again.
This time with passion, intent, and she made her mind filter out the words that weren't
about herself. She ignored the other chameleons words that made her mind more scattered.
She thought and she wrote and she thought and she wrote. Repetition was key. She didn't 
let one word fall onto her paper that was not worthy of the ink. She gripped the roots of 
her brain cells and ripped them from the confined gates that did not let them loose in 
the first place. She no longer wondered who she was or what her purpose was. She learned 
to listen to herself. She learned to no longer be a chameleon in the mirror. 

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