Why Not Fly Alone?

From a perspective of another......
She was a bird. She was a bird that was never able to find her way back.
Back meaning the straight path that she was supposed to know as a bird. She knew
how to fly. She knew how to accomplish all of the characteristics that a bird was 
supposed to have. But when it was time to follow the flock and do what a bird was 
supposed to do she was surprised at how un capable she was of doing this. She didn't 
know how. She seconded guessed her natural bird instincts and kept flying in a straight
path. She was seen as the bird that was always alone on the telephone wire keeping
a solid ten feet at the least away from all other birds. She was the bird that was
slightly in front of the flock because she felt the need to be alone and did not see
the point in flying with company when the air was so much fuller and richer alone.
When other birds found the instinct to try and keep up she flew faster and pushed 
away like she was programmed to do so. This may not be healthy for her weak wings but
she keeps flapping and tried not to think about the events that made her wings tired 
in the first place. She was a bird that was never able to discover a way back. Mainly
because she felt no need to. Flying far and flying long kept her mental focus going
and her mental stability soon formed into her not so stable home. She was content 
with this though. She formed her own sense of place and comfort. She needed no other bird.
She needed no other flock. She needed no stable and physical home. All she needed was
her weak wings and a sense of direction forward. She had gotten along fine by herself
for this long so why not fly alone?

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