She Responded

                 From the perspective of another.........
He asked for an iced tea but was presented an iced coffee because he looked like he
needed that more. Maybe from the bags under his eyes or the fact that his hair had
started to fade away like an old pair of jeans that have been damaged and forgotten
in the back of a closet. The man pondered at his iced coffee that he didn't actually 
want but needed. He sat in a bookstore with his iced coffee and his baggy eyes. 
He had no plans for the day hence the reason he sat in the bookstore sipping his
unwanted iced coffee. He enjoyed the idea of no activities that filled his days. It 
made the busy time in life more time consuming and the free moments more fulfilling.
Non busy days resulted in free thinking which some times resulted in thoughts that 
he did not want to lurk around. Thoughts like the time he asked her, "What are we?". 
Thoughts like the time he made the ungodly decision of eating a gas station hot dog
on a long road trip and had to keep apologizing to her for the scuzzy smell in the 
crowded car. But with all those memories sometimes appeared the memories of the early
morning and the way she gazed down at the coffee she had made him before he woke up.
There was also the memory of the time they started walking and couldn't stop because
they had gotten lost mentally and physically. There were pros and cons to wanted free
time and that's exactly what the man thought as he sipped his iced coffee that had 
started getting water droplets on the outside of the cup that had transferred over to
his heated hands. Soon his iced coffee had vanished and his free time had come to a 
close. The coffee barista who had a complicated complexion and wavy locks walked up
to take his empty, unwanted iced coffee cup. The man asked her, "Have you ever looked
at the pros and cons of free time?". She responded, 
                                   "Every goddamn day of my life." 


  1. Akanksha Varma · February 7, 2016

    Why is this so beautiful? It’s a great piece, loved it ❤


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