Blunt Minded Identities

Blunt Minded Identities. 
The ones that convert secluded identities into uncomfortable ones. 
The ones that have as much filteration as a tupperwear container.
Slugging their way through life as if they had ten important things to do 
all at once but all of them seemed lifeless compared to what they could be doing.
Blunt minded identities are fresh, but usually not collected together. Thinking
in the long run because the short run doesn't run fast enough. They speak in the 
way an infant does. Saying anything they want while not actually thinking 
about the impact it has on the outsiders but they soon realize that the way
they speak has a waterfall impact that crashes down without stopping to take a 
breath for air. The identities soon realize that making an impact is their main goal.
A goal set into place for the long run. To share their act and 
their skill of being an ask whore. Asking questions that were not thought through
because why close the gates of a question if there was never an actual lock? Why
not ask a question if the answer isn't set into their minds? There are no stupid 
questions, a teacher might add to them. But yet they are still looked down upon 
like that small infant that asks the first thing that comes to mind. An unfiltered
infant in a filtered world. Blunt minded identities are looked down upon because
they bring discomfort and tend to bring loss of words to outsiders. Making outsiders
feel idiotic like the way they made the identities feel. This is what outsiders fear 
while identities embrace. Having a fear to ask, speak, and be noticed is the idiotic 
aspect of outsiders because they can't be seen. Seen Bluntly. 

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