Moved to California

You have to know the difference between lonely and alone.
I can tell you surely don't appreciate my tone.
Try floating far above
Because I'm not broken I'm just enlightened love.

I guess I'll move to California where there's that unconditional high.
Where I can remember exactly how to say goodbye.
I'll take walks on those light cardboard boxes
And remember a day in Michigan that was less toxic.

No longer do I have to stand tall but keep my head down low.
I'll keep walking heal to toe.
I'll try floating far above
Because I'm not broken I'm just enlightened love.

I guess I'll move to California where I can love one another
And not in the fake way but in a way like a brother.
I know the difference between lonely and alone.
And it's okay because most people don't appreciate my tone

New Video: Coffee With Col

Please check out my new video called Coffee With Col! I hope you enjoy and stay jolly 🙂

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Coffee is an acronym!
Coffee (Drink of Choice)- Honeybrains Mint Chocolate
Opening: Women Who Run With The Wolves
Food: Vegan Chili
Fashion: Herschel Backpack
Entertainment: Riverdale
Event: NYC Video Here

Things I Thought In NYC

Hello! I recently went to New York City. I hope to one day be living there but who knows where the road will take me. I took a few pictures and as I was roaming the streets I tended to write down little snippets of things that I was thinking when I took these pictures. Enjoy and stay jolly 🙂

“You could tell the difference between the regulars and the foreigners by who jerked at the trains start and who stood their ground”.IMG_1081.JPG “It’s as if my eyes can’t see. Bagels and Coffee”IMG_1098 “I learned that neither men nor women are thinking of one specifically”IMG_1089 “She used to be a generous one until advantage took a stroll down her lane”IMG_1094 “Did the one with the snake eyes reside here?”IMG_1090“Ink was overpriced and dignity was way under”IMG_1093


New Video: New York City Vlog

Hello! I recently went to New York City to visit my friend and I filmed a little bit of it! I hope you enjoy and stay jolly 🙂
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New Video: What I Eat 3 Vegan~Athlete

Hello! Here is what I eat in a day #3. I hope you enjoy and stay jolly 🙂
Tofu Curry Stew: Crockpot on High 4 Hours
Add: 1 Cup Mushroom, 1 Cup Lentils, 1 Cup Zucchini, 2 Cup Cabbage, 1 Cup Coconut Milk, 3 Cups Vegetable Stock, Curry Powder, Onion Powder, Turmeric, Pepper, Sea Salt
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New Video: This Is My Journal

Hello all! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I wanted to document a sneak peak into my journal. I hope you enjoy and please share. Stay Jolly 🙂
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Get A Close Up

Get a close up.

To really see you need to step forward. Step forward if you are audacious and humble. The mind is like a circus and the tickets are expensive.

Lots to see, hear, and do. However, all I need is an audience. One to spill my secrets too and perform high. Then when we transition back to reality you will see the illusion.

The smoke that smelled of coco butter and earth will vanish from you senses.

Hope you enjoyed and step forward again. Step forward again love if you are the brave one.


Picture: Detroit, Michigan Colleen Mayer

New Video: This Is Me Singing

Hello! I decided to sing today because I haven’t in a while and I sing less and less these days. I was thinking about my Sophomore year of high school when I got a solo in Adele Someone Like You and I decided that I wanted to remake that moment. I hope you enjoy and stay jolly!

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