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Today I talk about my progress toward happiness
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Pictures of People: Madi

Pictures of People

I have known Madi for a couple years now. We went from teammates to really good friends. She seems to understand my humor to the highest extent and she is very easy to be around. I like these photos because it was a side of Madi I had never seen before. It was a much more intense Madi, focused in a way.


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Sleep Paralysis: My Experiences and How I Fixed It

Hello All! I hope you enjoyed this video on my experience with sleep paralysis. If you enjoyed it, please like and share. This is a part of my โ€œBrain Gains Seriesโ€ where I work on my overall mental and physical health so check out those other videos o my channel. If you want to see more of me, check out the links below. Stay Jolly


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Pictures of People Episode Three

Pictures of People: Episode Three/This Is Carson

I love to take pictures of people because I feel like I can really capture their personalities through a photograph. This is Carson. Carson is someone that I care deeply about because she has always made me laugh in rough times. Carson is a makeup wizard and actually has her own makeup Instagram that I will link under the pictures. Carson has a minor in Fashion so as you can see she is always working on her style with her self-destructed Nike top.


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Pictures Of People Episode Three

I like to take pictures of people more than I like to take pictures of objects because you can really embody someone’s personality within a photo. This is one of my best friends,ย  Steve. He was one of the first people to get me into photography because one of our favorite activities is to go to places and take photos of each other. I think that these photos embody his characteristics well.


Brain Gains Episode Three California

Hello All! This is episode three of my series, Brain Gains. Where I work on my mental, physical, emotional, and overall health. In this episode I went to California with one of my best friends. Sometimes getting away even for a little while can change what you think about yourself and others. Hope you enjoy and follow me on other things if you please. Stay Jolly ๐Ÿ™‚

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‘Pictures Of People’ Episode One

I really like trying to show peoples personalities through photos. Whenever I take a picture of people I tell them that I am portraying what I see in these photos. I think that this tends to make people very excited for their photoshoot because people like to know how others preserve them. I am going to start this series called ‘Pictures of People’. Very blunt and to the point because that is how I am. This is episode one and I took these photos in downtown Royal Oak and Downtown Detroit. Hope you enjoy and stay Jolly ๐Ÿ™‚